Beware FAKE Oddsmonkey Reviews

In this quick post I wanted to make people aware of some information that I have recently discovered.  As you may well know, I’m a big advocate of the OddsMonkey matched betting service (you can read my Oddsmonkey Review here*), so I was extremely surprised when I searched for Oddsmonkey on Google a week ago and saw that there were 2 very low-scoring reviews on page 1 of the search results.

I appreciate that people’s opinions may differ slightly, but these were very low star ratings for a service that I have always found to be fantastic.  I has also noted and recorded that the Matched Betting Centre website had previously had a 10/10 review on Oddsmonkey.

I remember when I noticed this a few months back because I looked at their site to get some tips on improving my own Google rankings – I didn’t get any insight, the site looked awful and I found some very questionable links to the website which must have been causing it to rank so highly (For more info, do a google search on “PBN” and have a read if you’re interested, but Google don’t like it! Or they’re not supposed to!)

There was definitely a vague aroma of rodent, so I was intrigued enough to start doing some digging…

TIP: For those of you that do not know, ownership of a website can be easily checked on the internet’s whois database.  Recently it has become much easier to hide the ownership details of a site by purchasing a “domain privacy” option (also called domain by proxy).

Matched Betting Centre

So I checked the first website in the results and, as I expected, the ownership details have been hidden.

Now, most people would have given up at this point, but I am no quitter! 🙂 And the fact that it had been updated last month seemed quite very “coincidental”.

There are a few ways you can order domain history reports, they are not free but also not big bucks, so I decided I’d forgo my regular Saturday night Chinese and spend the money on buying an Ownership history report.

Well, not sure if you’re going to believe what I found!!  Here is the ownership details, as of 19th April 2017.  Take a look below…

According to the Whois database, was owned from 19th April 2017 by Profit Accumulator – Oddsmonkey’s main competitor!! Bingo!

I’d never heard of Max Vernon so, now feeling a little like I worked with in CTU with Jack Bauer (too much?), I decided to contact Companies House and see what Max’s involvement in the company is, if any.

Great thing about Companies House is that their new Beta Document search is FREE!

I decided I’d treat myself to a Chinese after all, as a reward for what I’d discovered so far!

While eating my egg fried rice and searching through a few documents, I soon found my next link in the company’s annual returns last year, it seems Max is very much involved with the ownership of Profit Accumulator, as he owns 15% of the shares in the company.

Profit Accumulator – Annual Return 2016

I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions on the validity of the review on Matched Betting Centre based on that information, and the drastic way that the review changed from 10 stars to 4 stars

Matched Betting Basics

I didn’t really know what to find when digging into this site, maybe it was a different competitor, employing similar tactics.  Let me fill you in….

Here’s the current whois ownership search at time of writing this article.

As expected, the ownership is hidden.

Time to get all Marty McFly and jump back in time a few months, and here is the historical domain history record!  You’re not going to believe this one!!!

Yes, it seems that from 19th April 2017, this website was also owned by Profit Accumulator and, in particular, Mr Sam Stoffel.  The CEO, majority shareholder and Director of Profit Accumulator.


I normally like to wrap things up and summarise a post, but I’m not sure it’s needed here.  My personal opinion is that it’s pretty clear what has transpired here and I’ll leave you to make your own minds up.

If you did want to read my HONEST review of Oddsmonkey and their software and service, then please click here*

*In the interests of transparency, I am an Oddsmonkey affiliate and if you do decide to join up from my link and go Premium, then I will receive a commission from Oddsmonkey for sending them a customer, but it makes no difference to the price you pay.