How much money can I make matched betting?

Matched betting is a serious way to make money from home. All you need is a computer and a little bit of money to get started.

But how much can you make?

That depends but if you are dedicated you can easily make around £1000 per month. The main thing you will need to invest is time. 1-2 hours a day will be required to make £1000 per month. However you can seriously reduce the time you spend by signing up to a good matched betting service like Oddsmonkey.

The first few months may not be as profitable as this depending on how much money you can invest to start with, but once you build up your betting bank this will no longer be a restriction.

The initial investment

TO start with you are going to need a minimum of £60 to invest. That will get you started with the first couple of sign up offers and make you a profit of around £45. After this your betting bank will be at £105. You can see already how fast you can grow your investment with matched betting.

If you have more than £60 to start with then you are going to be able to make more money in a shorter period of time. The reason for this is that your money gets tied up while you are waiting for bets to settle. Then you have to wait for the bookie to pay out and then another couple of days to get the money back in your bank account to start all over again. In the early days it is slow. Once you have built up a pot of money though you aren’t restricted by this as you will have more money to invest in the next offer and you can be doing multiple offers at once. This is when the money starts to roll in, in a serious way.

If you are brand new to matched betting and have plenty of money to invest then I would urge you to take it slow. Read the guides, follow the tutorials. Just start off slowly and build your knowledge and confidence.

Matched betting is completely risk free but mistakes can be costly. Laying the wrong bet or laying the wrong amount can lead to serious losses. Don’t let this put you off though as it is very unlikely this will happen. It will only happen if you are careless. That’s why we recommend Oddsmonkey. They will walk you through every offer step by step and eliminate the possibilities of mistakes.

If you were to start today with around £100 then 12 months from now you could be sat on £10,000 profit. That is serious money for anyone. Earning an extra £800 – £1000 per month is life changing. Imagine what you could do with that money. It would most likely eliminate all of your money worries. Especially if you are doing this around paid employment. You will catapult yourself into a higher earning bracket practically overnight.

“I’ve already opened up all the bookie accounts.”

Well you almost definitely haven’t. There are hundreds of online bookies out there and it is extremely unlikely that you have opened all the accounts on offer unless you have done matched betting before.

Even if you have opened all the accounts and exhausted the sign up offers, matched betting does not end here. This is only the beginning. You can use those bookie accounts to keep making money day after day. Every day the bookies will have special offers on sporting events to keep you betting. We can exploit these. There are so many bookies that every day there are dozens of offers to take part in. Some more profitable that others.

Some offers have a guaranteed profit and others have a potential profit. All are risk free though so the more you do the more you earn.

Having a betting history with a bookie might actually be beneficial as the bookie will already have earmarked your account as a mug bettor and send even more free bet offers your way. Once you start betting regularly with a bookie your emails will light up with offers. It’s crazy.

How much time do you have to put into matched betting?

This completely depends on what you want to earn. Investing around 45-60 minutes a day should see you make £500 a month quite easily. This is still good money to be making from home. For the £1000 a month mark then 2 hours a day is a realistic figure.

Once you are a member of Oddsmonkey your time matched betting will go down and your earnings will go up. The Oddsmonkey forum is full of people making over £2000 a month and there is no reason why you can’t do this as well. Many people are turning this into a full time job and working from home 100% of the time. Something that many people aspire to.

Of course you can do matched betting without a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey but you are going to be spending many hours a day looking for offers and then working out how to do them. The £15 a month membership fee is worth every penny. You can spend 2 hours a day working and have the rest of the day free!

The bottom line

Once you get started you can make a lot of money with this. It isn’t a scam or a trick, you can earn real money every month and change you life. The key is getting started. I let many excuses put me off starting matched betting and for a long time thought ‘that’s not for me’. I regret that lost time as once I finally did start not only was I blown away by the money I was making, I was thoroughly enjoying every second of it as well.

It can be easy to get carried away but my advice would be to pace yourself. Matched betting isn’t going anywhere. The offers roll in every single day.

You need to look after your bookie accounts as well. I’ll talk about this in a future blog post but the only risk that comes from matched betting is getting your accounts “gubbed”. That is where the bookies stop giving you free bets. This can put a dent in your earnings so we need to learn how to avoid this. If you are just getting started though this isn’t something you need to worry about for a long time.

Like I said earlier though, making £1000 a month is a very achievable target for anyone that is matched betting. You don’t have to be an expert or a genius at maths. If I can do this then so can you.

And don’t forget, every penny you earn is 100% tax free and yours to keep. Earnings from gambling are not taxable at all. So £1000 a month is an extra £12,000 in your bank account every year. That is a new car, a holiday of a lifetime and probably all of your household bills paid.

The best way to get started is to join Oddsmonkey and start learning. You can get a free trial of Oddsmonkey here which will teach you how to make around £45 from your first 2 sign up offers. After that you will be flying.

Oddsmonkey also offer free 1 to 1 training for all premium members in their first month of membership. As well as this there is a fantastic support office where you can get all your queries and worries answered by an expert.

Matched betting has changed my life and it could change yours as well. All you need to do is have a go.