Make money on every accumulator bet you place

Yes you read the title correctly. Imagine every acca you placed ended in a profit. This is now possible thanks to brand new software from Oddsmonkey. The Acca Finder does absolutely everything for you and every one you place will end in a win for you.

The software coming out of Oddsmonkey right now is blowing my mind. I’ve always ignored accumulators as to time consuming or to difficult but I have been missing out on serious profits. Now with the acca finder I have no excuse but to get stuck into to acca bets.

Let me show you how it works.

In the past accas offers were complicated and time consuming as you had to manually find the matches and then type them all into a complicated spreadsheet. It took forever and if you made a mistake putting the odds in you could be in for a loss. Not only that but by the time you had done all this the odds had changed and you have to alter it.

Now look at what Oddsmonkey have on offer. At the click of a button we have thousands of pre done accas to choose from. At the time I took this screenshot there was over 57,000 to choose from!

As you can see it shows us the Expected Value and all the other essential info we need. Ok let’s move onto the next stage. We click the open button to see the finer details and select how we want to play the acca.

There are 4 different ways to play the acca. All with varying potential profits. I personally like to lock in a profit from the get go. So like I said in the title – we make a profit every single time. Selecting “Lock In” automatically adjusts the screen and tells us what we need to back and lay.

Here is an acca I have just started for a lock in profit:

If I follow this acca through I am going to make £7.39 profit. No matter what happens in the games. It doesn’t really matter to me the results. I’m walking away with £7.39.

You can see the save button on the window there. You can fill in your details and then save it. Come back later when a game is finished, mark the result and find out if you need to lay the next game and how much to lay. No more spreadsheets, no pen and paper needed. It’s all there in front of you. Saved on your account.

Imagine doing this 10 times a day. Forget the thousands of other offers available on Oddsmonkey. We can sit all day and do this and make a nice amount of money. All using this one tool. This to me is worth the price of an Oddsmonkey membership on it’s own. This and all the other tools that Oddsmonkey produce are yours to use and profit from with a premium membership.

I really can’t recommend this enough. If you are into matched betting already and like accas I can only imagine you are no longer still reading this blog put you have gone over to Oddsmonkey to sign up for a premium account. If you are on the fence about it you can get a free trial of Oddsmonkey here.