Oddsmonkey Review – Amazing value and world class software

OddsMonkey are often considered new to the matched betting game. Fact is, they pretty much made it possible. The more famous Profit Accumulator used their software for years until Oddsmonkey launched their own service. The staff at Oddsmonkey are expert software developers and the tools they have created for matched betting are spectacular. Profit Accumulator can only dream of such software.

That being said we need to look at all aspects of the matched betting service they offer to see if they stand up to the competition.

If you want a quick summary of this review then it is overwhelmingly in favour of Oddsmonkey. Having been a member of both sites I can wholeheartedly say that Oddsmonkey is the superior service. Why anyone would spend more money on inferior services is beyond me.

Subscription Price

£15 per month or £150 a year

Many people will tell you that you don’t need to pay for a matched betting service as you can do it all yourself for free. While that is technically true you won’t make anywhere near as much money without a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey.

The software, guides and support enable you to you to maximise your time and make more money than you ever thought possible from matched betting.

Oddsmonkey is the same price as Profit Accumulator if you pay by year but amazingly Oddsmonkey are £3 cheaper per month. I find it staggering that anyone would pay more for a lesser service.

OddsMonkey Training

Oddsmonkey have a number of tutorials broken down into sections that guide you through everything you need to know from beginner to expert. They are all really easy to follow and will have you making money in no time.

Matched Betting Introduction

Oddsmonkey has a comprehensive beginners section that will walk you through all you need to learn, step by step. If you’ve done matched betting before you won’t need these guides but if you are a beginner then this is the most comprehensive and clear training guide on the internet.

Every sign up offer is accompanied by a comprehensive video that will walk you through the entire process. So you can’t go wrong. Matched betting is pretty straight forward once you learn how to do it. Getting started is the hard part so you need good guides. These are really good guides.

The free trial offers you guides to 2 sign up offers and will allow you to make around £45 profit. To unlock the rest of the guides and the software you need to upgrade your account.

Most new account offers are bet x to get a free bet of y. For example William Hill have a bet £10 get £30 free. Completely all these sign up offers will make you a lot of money and get you set up for your matched betting future by getting you set up with all your accounts.

Existing Customer or Reload Offers

Once you have exhausted the sign up offers you can move onto reload offers. These offers come thick and fast every single day so there’s no end to the money making. Oddsmonkey has a daily calendar which clearly lays out all the offers and allows you to prioritise the ones you want to do.

As you can see from the image it lays out the offer and what profit you can make. Clicking more details opens up the instructions and guide for the offer.

You can filter the offers by difficulty allowing you to do all the easy ones first and then move on to the more time consuming offers. This is great if you are short on time as you can very easily identify the quick and easy offers.

The number of offers identified every day is amazing. The staff at Oddsmonkey find every single offer that is on that day. Unlike other matched betting services they seem to find them all and have guides and tutorials for every single one. The mind boggles at the amount of work involved in this. They must have a large staff working the website.

Other Guides & Tutorials

Oddsmonkey have sections for every offer imaginable including all the casino and bingo offers which can be very profitable. Many people shy away from these offers but the guides on Oddsmonkey give you the confidence to get stuck into them. I have had some huge days of profit thanks to this section.

Tools & Software

This is where Oddsmonkey shine above all other matched betting services. As I previously said Oddsmonkey were the original developers of software like the Oddsmatcher. They have been creating and refining their matched betting software for years and as a result are years ahead of their rivals.

Services like Profit Accumulator made their name on Oddsmonkey software. Now they are developing their own software and in my opinion it is nowhere near the standard it needs to be. Since they severed ties with Oddsmonkey their service has gone down hill, rapidly. It was at this point I decided to leave Profit Accumulator and join Oddsmonkey. Since then my matched betting profits have increased significantly, in part due to the wide range of software tools they have.


As I said, Oddsmonkey have the original and best Oddsmatcher. No other service can rival this Oddsmatcher in my opinion. The oddsmatcher is always up to date and covers more bookies than other oddsmatchers on the market, meaning you can see at a glance where all the best matches are for a variety of matched betting offers.

Betting Calculator

This is where you will spend a lot of time. You need a reliable calculator. This one is simple and quick to use and has everything you need to get your bets placed. Oddsmonkey doesn’t send you to tricky bet like Profit Accumulator does on a regular basis.

You enter your stake, bookmaker back odds, betting exchange lay odds, and commission, and it tells you how much to lay and how much profit you will make.

Dutching Calculator

Dutching allows you to make money even when there are no more offers left and use your gubbed accounts to continue to make money. It searches for and lists all the sporting events that you can make money on simply by backing all the outcomes across a range of bookies. This is absolutely genius. You can sit and make money on this all day long at no risk.

It’s great for mug betting as well. Remember when you used to have to take small losses for mug betting. This is a thing of the past with the dutching tool.

Racing Matcher and Each Way Matcher

Odsmonkey has two tools that allow you to make a lot of money from horse racing offers. The racing matcher is a bit like the oddsmatcher but it specialises in horse races. It alerts you when the odds move close so you can get your bets on for the smallest losses allowing you to cover many horses in the same race and increase your chances of hitting a payout.

The each way matcher will make you a alot of money. One of the most profitable aspects of matched betting is extra place offers. This is when a bookmaker will offer you an extra place for an each way bet. Sometimes giving you 5,6 or even 7 places instead of the usual 4. As matched bettors we can take advantage of this. Each way bets are one of the more complicated matched betting techniques but it is made much easier with the each way matcher. It comes with its own in depth guide for its use as well. Learn how to use it and you could be in line for some very big pay days.

Tennis Matcher

Tennis offers are quite rare but when they are on they are difficult to be profitable from because tennis moves so fast the odds change fast as well. This makes it difficult to find matches. The tennis matcher takes away that diffculty meaning you can profit from the offers when they are on. This tool is worth its weight in gold when Wimbledon is on.

Acca Matcher

The acca matcher is one of the newest pieces of software Oddsmonkey have launched. Unlike their rivals there is no extra charge for software like this. It’s all included in your membership.

Accas are time consuming and it is difficult to find the matches required to get a profitable acca. I personally did no acca offers until this came along. There are many ways to profit from accas and Oddsmonkey cover them all. They even have a way of profiting from every acca you place. It is possible to make a small amount of money from every accumulator when you find the right matches and that is exactly what this software does.


The forum is a great place to hang out and get advice from experienced matched bettors. This is also a great place to ask for help either from the site staff or other members. The community has a great mood and everyone is happy to help everyone else out.

At some point you will need answers to a problem you have run into and usually you can get the answer on the forum within a few minutes. For some reason there is a rumour going around that the forum on Oddsmonkey is dead. That is far from true. Here is a screenshot of the forum index.

Oddsmonkey use great software for their forum. One of my main gripes with Profit Accumulator was the face that the forum did not work properly. It simply didn’t work properly once threads got to a certain size. As far as I know they haven’t changed it either. No frustration with Oddsmonkey, like the rest of the site, it just works.

Summary of OddsMonkey


  • The best selection of software anywhere.
  • The cheapest and best value for money service
  • World class support – I genuinely mean that, the staff are amazing if you need help
  • All the offers in one place and comprehensive guides for all of them
  • The best site for beginners and experts alike
  • Fantastic forum and community


I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Whether you are a beginner or a experienced matched bettor then Oddsmonkey is the place for you. If you are reading this as a member of Profit Accumulator and wondering whether you should make the switch then don’t even think twice. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

They are aiming to be the best matched betting service out there and currently they are winning the race by a country mile.

If you are unsure check out the free trial and make yourself £45 profit quickly and easily. See for yourself just how good Oddsmonkey is.



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